- Placing informative posters of the particular conditions and specific security measures.
- Mandatory use of a mask in common areas.
- Provision of hydro alcoholic solution in places of passage and in those facilities of intensive use by customers.
- Distance markers to avoid crowds in specific areas.
- Disinfectant gel at the elevator access.
- We extreme the measures established in the cleaning and disinfection program, of the common areas, of the equipment and elements of common use.

- We set up an entrance door and an exit door to the hotel.
- Disinfectant gel in the reception area.
- The information may be sent by mail, or other means deemed appropriate, prior to the arrival of the client.
- We inform the client of the particular conditions and specific measures taken by the establishment in each of the areas or services.
- We have a specific area or container to deposit used keys or cards and proceed with their disinfection.
- We encourage payment by credit card.
- A coin card is preferentially established as a means of payment in all areas of the hotel. This card can only be recharged at the reception.
- Mandatory use of a mask.
- Thermal monitoring is not foreseen for customers.

- Obligation to use a mask in the entire area, except on the table, in the hammock or in the pool.
- We recommend payment by credit card or hotel purse card.
- Placement of disinfectant gel especially in the entrances and exits
- We avoid consumption at the bar counter and encourage service at the tables.
- We have tables, both indoors and in the pool, with distance measures.
- We delete from the letters adopting the QR format
- Clean tables policy

- We keep the dining room door open to avoid the use of the handles.
- We apply different shifts and meal times to avoid crowds.
- The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the area, except for the table.
- We encourage payment by credit card or hotel purse card.
- Placement of disinfectant gel at the entrance and exit of the dining room and at different points in the room.
- We have tables with distance measures.
- Clean table policy.
- We change the tablecloths in each service.

- Reduction of textiles (including carpets), decorative objects and amenities.
- Reduction of decorative and functional elements.
- We avoid having extra blankets and pillows in the cupboards. In case you need extra elements, go to reception.
- Thorough cleaning of the rooms, ventilating and using disinfectant products.